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Memorials & Honorariums

Gift materials are received routinely by the Library with the provision that they may be used in the best interest of the Library. They are received without conditions or restrictions and may or may not be added to the collection. Gift items are subject to the same selection criteria used for purchased materials. Materials not added to the collection are sent to the Friends of Lincoln Public Library to be included in their book sales. All proceeds from the Friends’ book sales are used in support of the Library’s mission, programs, and collections.

Monetary donations allocated for materials purchase are also accepted by the Library. The Library reserves the right to determine the disposition of all gifts received, in keeping with the policy herein.

Memorials and honorariums are a wonderful way to pay homage to someone in a way that is meaningful and lasting. However, these materials must also meet the selection criteria in this policy. Patrons are invited to discuss their wishes with the staff before purchasing an item or preferably, to have the staff select the item being purchased. This will assure the item is in keeping with collection needs and criteria.

Gifts, memorials, honorariums, and donations are all subject to the same withdrawal policy as items purchased by the library.

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