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Meeting Rooms

Lincoln Community Room Policy


To provide comfortable meeting rooms with modern communication technology for community groups, organizations, and regularly scheduled library programs.

Type of Use
  • For educational, cultural and intellectual activities consistent with the Library’s purpose
  • Any special use of the Library Facilities must be approved by the Library Director and Chairman of the Library Board of Control
The Meeting Room provides
  • Auditorium seating for 98
  • PowerPoint capability
  • A tackable wall
  • Sound system
  • A reservation form must be on file in the Library Administrative Offices no less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of a meeting.
  • The Community Room will not be considered “reserved” until this form is approved and on file.
  • Only adults may reserve a room. If teenagers or children are to be present, an adult, must be responsible, in charge of, and present during the entire meeting.
  • An officer or otherwise responsible member of the group/organization must complete the reservation form.
  • No single group/organization may dominate any room. Therefore a group may reserve a room for four (4) months in advance only.
  • It should be noted that Library programs shall take precedence over any community group or organization. A group already scheduled may be asked to change their date or location in favor of Library programming.
Guidelines for Usage
  • Meetings which produce income/profit, or are intended to raise funds for a person or organization, may not be held on Library property.
  • Meetings of a religious or political nature may not be held on library property.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and light refreshments may be served in the meeting room. The Library does NOT supply these refreshments.
  • Disruptive activities are prohibited.
Group/Organization Responsibility
  • Set-up of the room/s for the meeting is the responsibility of the group or organization holding the meeting.
  • Items may be attached to the tackable walls only.  These may be attached by masking tape, tacks, or push pins only.
  • The group or organization using the room/s is responsible for replacing the furniture in its original position/location.
  • All charts, papers, books, computers, or other items used during a meeting must be removed before vacating the room.
  • The group or organization using the room/s is responsible for leaving the kitchen clean and orderly.
  • The person completing the reservation form is responsible for:
  • Their presence at, and the conduct of, the  meeting
  • Adherence to Library policies
  • Payment to the library for any damages to the facilities or equipment that are caused by the group or organization, or its guests.

Permitting use of these rooms in no way signifies Library sponsorship or endorsement of the user or the opinions and/or beliefs of an organization or group.

The Library is not responsible for:

  • lost, stolen or damaged articles
  • equipment malfunctions
  • power failures
  • other such problems.

Policy Approved by the Library Board of Control. 12/20/05

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